Football, Veterans, And Apologies

I turned to the Sunday evening football game as the National Anthem was being played while a giant flag waved on the football field. I turned the channel.

I'm proud to be a citizen of the country founded on the principles of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. But I can't abide by the supposed patriotism of the red hat brigade. Nor can I give even tacit support to the current Executive Branch or those who support them.

It's the eve of Veterans Day and I'm divided about that. I respect people who have served but don't support the last two decades of war. I find military personnel equal to teachers, fire fighters, doctors, clergy, and all those caring for those in need. On the eve of Veteran's Day, I'm as unwilling as ever to celebrate or condemn at the jerk of a knee.

Speaking of knees, I'm embarrassed to admit watching the NFL given the hateful history of the management of that organization. I still find the game beautiful and exciting. I just can't quit. That's my fault entirely. I celebrate the players who took a knee and condemn those who so strongly opposed free expression of speech. Still, I watch and am part of the problem.

Tomorrow I'll take a moment to consider veterans, but I can't salute the flag or stand for the National Anthem as if my country can do no wrong. I change the channel, sit out the anthem, refuse to support the current administration, and question authority. I see no reason to apologize for any of that.

But I really am sorry I'm watching the NFL. There's really no good excuse.